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Weddings & Formal Functions

Choose your Menu & Work Out Your Budget
(All prices quoted based on a minimum of 50 persons )
Package A= Three Course Meal        £35.00 per person plus VAT
Choose any
Main Course
Unlimited Tea & Coffee with Mints,
Including all Table Ware & Staffing.
Package B= Four Course Meal         £39.00 per person plus VAT
Choose any
2nd Starter, Soup
Main Course
Unlimited Tea & Coffee with Mints,
Including all Table Ware & Staffing.
Package C= Five Course Meal         £42.00 per person plus VAT
Choose any
2nd Starter, Soup
Main Course
Unlimited Tea & Coffee with Mints,
Including all Table Ware & Staffing.
Package D= Six Course Meal         £44.00 per person plus VAT
Choose any
2nd Starter, Soup
Main Course
Cheese Board
Unlimited Tea & Coffee with Mints,
Including all Table Ware & Staffing.
Package E= Eight Course Meal          £49.00 per person plus VAT
( based on a minimum of 60 persons )
Choose any
Canapes (5 per person)
2nd Starter, Soup
Main Course
Cheese Board
Petit Fours (4 per person)
Unlimited Tea & Coffee with Mints,
Including all Table Ware & Staffing.


Ten Course Meal    Example Menu         £69.00
valentines delight, smoked salmon horn,
emmental cheese garni, lump fish caviar en croute,
bean lovers tartlet, crab & guacamole blinis
Pork, Cherry & Brandy Pate
yummy coarse pate made with pork liver,
whole cherries & brandy, served with crisp
toasted ciabatta slices, salad garnish & onion chutney
Creamy Watercess Soup
a creamy peppery watercress soup, topped with
a swirl of crème fraiche & garnished with herby crutons,
served with malted wheat petit pains
Chilli Con Carne
chilli sauce with minced beef, tomatoes, red kidney
beans & chilli – at just the right heat !
served with olives, sour cream, salsa
and crispy tortilla chips
Lemon sorbet
what better way than to refresh your pallet with a
nice light, crisp and cool fresh lemon & water sorbet
Salmon Roast with Balsamic Vinegar
salmon fillet stuffed with a delicious blend of onions,
sundried tomatoes, bulgar wheat & herbs, nesting on
a bed of braised leeks & drizzled with balsamic
vinaigrette dressing, served with new potatoes
Melon Glass
a refreshing combination of cantaloupe & honeydew melon balls
resting on a light & smooth champagne & orange jelly
Mini Desserts
selection of 3 mini desserts,
strawberries & cream cheesecake,
zesty lemon meringue pie and
chocolate truffle torte
Cheese Board
a traditional platter of farmhouse cheddar, red Leicester,
creamy brie, dutch edam, mozzarella and stilton
served with crunchy celery sticks, crisp seedless grapes
and a wide selection of crackers
Petit Fours
a selection of cocktail treats to include;
chocolate coffee gateaux squares, chocolate truffles,
mini éclairs, chocolate caramel cones,
iced chocolate tarts and chocolate mint cups
Coffee & Mints
freshly made coffee with cream, served with boiled mints
Fork Buffet Menu
 Any Choice of Starter
Hawaiian Chicken
chicken breast with peppers & fresh pineapple in a light
mayonnaise dressing, edged with plain slices of chicken breast
Honey Roast Ham
slices of honey roast ham garnished with fresh melon
Prawn Cocktail
juicy prawns enrobed with cocktail sauce & garnished with
giant tiger tail prawns
Cheese & Onion Quiche
Summer Salad Leaves
crispy iceberg, curly frisee, red radicchio with sweetcorn,
tiny cubes of red onion & topped with mustard & cress
Home made Coleslaw
fresh crunchy cabbage strips, onion & grated carrots enrobed
With thick & creamy mayonnaise
Mediterranean Pasta Salad
penne pasta with red & green peppers, onions and sliced
black olives with a Mediterranean tomato dressing
New Potato Salad
skin on new potatoes bound in mayonnaise, topped
with herbs and cracked wheat black pepper
Tomato & Cucumber Salad
chunky cuts of cucumber & tomato wedges with fresh chives
in a light vinaigrette dressing
Basket of Freshly Baked French Bread & Butter
Any Choice of Dessert
Unlimited Tea & Coffee Served with Mints


Canapes = A    48 per platter   £70.00 

a hand made selection of 6 varieties of Cheese & Seafood Canapes;
Valentines Delight,   Smoked Salmon Horn,
Emmental Cheese Garni,   Lump Fish Caviar En Croute,
Bean Lovers Tartlet  and Crab & Guacamole Bilnis.
Canapes = B   100 per platter   £120.00
Cream Cheese & Cucumber Mousse Carefully wrapped
in Scottish Smoked Salmon.
Canapes = C   64 per platter     £60.00
Tortilla Bites- Melt in the mouthScones with delicious toppings;
Cheesey Red Pepper Tepanade and Florentine Spinach & Riccota.
Canapes = D   40 per platter        £60.00
a selection of hand made canapés on a variety of bread bases;
Smoked Duck & Melon. Trout Mousse & Crab, Smoked Salmon,
Sundried Tomato & Pecan, Lemon Cheese, Cucumber & Trout Caviar,
Salmon Tartare,Cured Ham & Fig Butter and Foie Gras, Chutney & Apricot.
Canapes = E    65 per platter      £55.00
Whole Selection of Canape Cups Baked Pastry Cases filled with;
Chicken Tikka, Coronation Chicken, Thai Chicken,
Pesto & Parmesan Chicken, Honey & Mustard Chicken,
Mexican Chicken, Chicken with Sweetcorn and
Tandoori Chicken with Yoghurt & Mint
Canapes = F   48 per platter    £70.00
Hand made canapés on round Blini Bases;
Cream Cheese Mousse topped With Scottish Smoked
Salmon & Black Sea Relish
Canapes = G   60 per platter    £50.00
Mini Vol au Vents filled with;
Red Pepper Mousse topped with Prawn,
Asparagus in a Cream & Butter Sauce,
Chicken, Ham & Onion in a cream Sauce.
Canapes = H   60 per platter    £50.00
Mini Vol au Vents filled with;
Prawn Cocktail & Fresh Chives,
Coronation Chicken & Coriander,
Salsa & Black Olives.
Canapes = I   90 per platter    £65.00
Mini pastry Canapes with tasty fillings of;
Tomato, Bean & Chorizo,
Courgette, Tomato & Pesto,
Goats Cheese & Red Onion.
 Canapes = J   30 per platter       £35.00
Mini Crostini Style Canapes, Mini Slices of Baked Bread topped with;
 Green Olive Tepenade,  Tomato & Goats Cheese,
Creamy Mushroom & a hint of Garlic.
All Starters are Served as Individual Portions as per the pictures
Menu STAR 01
Spiced Aubergine Pate
A Blend of Spiced Aubergines, Oven Roasted Red Peppers,
Mushrooms, Sundried Tomatoes with Pumpkin Seeds & Bulger Wheat
Served with Onion Relish & Crackers
Menu STAR 02
Chicken Liver Parfait with Redcurrants
A Smooth, Fine Chicken Liver & Cream Pate with Field
Herbs, Topped with Redcurrants and Spiced Cordial Glaze
Served with Crackers
Menu STAR 03
Chicken Liver Provence
A Smooth Rich Pate, Flavoured with Chicken Liver &
Fresh Herbs and Blended with Cream, Topped with a Butter Glaze
Served with Crackers
Menu STAR 04
Course Game au Porto Pate
A Taste of the Country. Duck Liver Pate made with
Game, Finished with a Port & Lemon Glaze
Served with Crackers
Menu STAR 05
Melon & Raspberry Couli
Slices of Chilled Melon Nesting on Raspberry Couli &
Fruits of the Forest, Topped with Kiwi & Fresh Mint
 Menu STAR 06
Mozzarella & Avocado Salad
Sliced Buffalo Mozzarella Resting Between Slices of Ripe
Avocado & Juicy Tomatoes, Topped with Fresh Herbs
And Drizzled with Lemon Vinegrette
 Menu STAR 07
 Feta Cheese Salad
Cubes of Fresh Tomato, Crisp Cucumber, Red Onion
With Slices of Black Olives, Drizzled with Balsamic Dressing
Topped with Tangy Feta Cheese and Fresh Oregano
Menu STAR 08
Prawn Cocktail
Juicy Prawns Enrobed with Cocktail Sauce
Nesting on a Bed of Salad, Topped with a Giant Tiger Tail Prawn
Served with Lemon and Brown Bread & Butter
Starters = Soup
Soups are Served with Crutons & Freshly Baked Bread,
                  Menu No = SP – 1                        Menu No – SP –2                       Menu No = SP - 3
                  Asparagus                                 Leek & Potato                                  Minestrone
                        lightly seasoned smooth                 A hearty soup with slices                Tomato based soup with
                          creamy asparagus soup                  of fresh leeks & diced                     vegetables,haricot beans
              with a gentle butterey twang.          potato, generously enriched                     pasta and herbs.
               Menu No = SP – 4                      Menu No = SP – 5                                Menu No = SP – 6
            Tomato & Basil                         Country Vegetable                                    Watercress
                  A fresh tasting tomato soup              A thick soup with a delicious               A creamy peppery watercress
                    made with vegetable stock,               combination of vegetables &                 soup topped with a swirl of
      white wine and basil oil & basil          pulses, flavoured with herbs                          crème fraiche.
            Menu No = SP – 7                                Menu No = SP – 8                                   Menu No = SP – 9
            Spicy Parsnip                                 Carrot & Coriander                                       Mushroom
                 A velvety soup, textured with                A flavoursome soup, textured               A yummy soup made with fresh
                 carrots, made with vegetable               with pureed parsnip & potato,              mushroom puree, enriched with
              stock and lashings of thick                combined with double fresh                     lots of double cream and
                      double cream.                           cream and fresh coriander.                          delicate seasonings.
Starters = Fruit
All charged at £3.75 per person
   Menu No = SF – 1                         Menu No = SF - 2                            Menu No = SF – 3
 Melon & Kiwi                               Melon & Plum                                  Melon Glass
Chilled fan of honeydew                      Chilled fan of melon nesting                   A refreshing combination of
 melon surrounded with                      on raspberry coulis, topped                  cantaloupe & honeydew melon
fresh fruits of the forest &                     with a star of Victoria plum,                  balls resting on a light & smooth
 topped with sliced kiwi.                       a slice of kiwi and a fresh                       champagne and orange jelly.
Ripe Strawberry
All charged at £2.95 per person
 What better way than to refresh your pallet with a nice light,
crisp and cool fresh fruit & water sorbet
flavours to choose from,
Pineapple, Mango, Lemon, Blackcurrant, Orange,
Raspberry and Champagne.
Main Courses
Served with your choice of three vegetables & potatoes
Menu No = MCC 01
Stuffed Chicken Breast
Fresh Chicken Breast Stuffed with Caramelised Onions,
Red Peppers and Goats Cheese.
Served with a Pesto Sauce on the Side
Menu No = MCC 02
 Chicken with Apple & Calvados Sauce
Supreme of Chicken, Sprig on, Cooked with a Creamy Sliced Mushroom,
 Chunky Apple, Wholegrain Mustard and Calvados Sauce
Menu No = MCC 03
Chicken & Bacon Wrap
Fresh Chicken Breast Topped with Chestnut, Orange & Maple Stuffing,
Wrapped with Streaky Bacon and Served wirh Red Wine Jus
( can also be made with your choice of stuffing )
Menu No = MCL 04
Roast Chump of Lamb
 Succulent and Tender Lamb Chump served with a
Full Flavoured Redcurrant & Rosemary Lamb Jus,
Infused with Grenache Wine
Menu No = MCL 05
Lamb Shank in Minted Gravy
  A Juicy Slow Cooked Lamb Shank so Tender the
 Meat Practically Falls from the Bone
 Cooked in a Mint Gravy
Menu No = MCP 06
Mini Pork Joint
 Individual Boneless Pork Joints, Slowly Cooked
In Cinnamon, Apple & Maple Syrup Sauce
 Menu No = MCB 07 
Braised Beef in Whisky & Peppercorn
 Slow Cooked Braised Chunks of Beef with
A Creamy Black Peppercorn Sauce,
Infused with Whisky & Brandy
Menu No = MCB 08
Beef Fillet Steak & Horseradish Wellington
Luxurious Fillet of Beef with a duxelle & Cream Cheese
Horseradish Sauce Wrapped in Butter Pastry
 Menu No = MCS 09 
Salmon in Champagne Sauce
Scottish fillet of Poached Salmon served with
A Creamy Herb & Champange Sauce
Menu No = MCV 10
Brie & Redcurrant Tart
A Rich Shortcrust Pastry Tart Filled with a Creamy Garlic &
Chive Sauce, with Ribbons of Spinach,
Topped with Brie and Redcurrants
Menu No = MCV 11
Mediterranean Vegetable Tart
 Artichoke Hearts with a Roasted Pepper, Mozzarella and Balsamic
Tomato Sauce, topped with Sliced Aubergines in a Butter
Pastry Case finished with Dolcelatte
Menu No = MCV 12
Penne Pasta
 Penne Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes,
 Enrobed with a Tomato & Pesto Sauce
Everyones Favorite !!
 Roast Beef,   Pork,   Turkey,   Chicken   or   Lamb
all served with Gravy, Yorkshire Pudding, Stuffing, Bacon wrapped
Sausage and Sauce, with your choice of New Potatoes or
Roast Potatoes and your favorite three Vegetables.
Individual  Selection Desserts
All Desserts on This Page Are Individual Single Portions
Menu DFK 01
Summer Fruit Pudding
A good size Traditional Pudding with Blackcurrants, Redcurrants,
Raspberries, Rhubarb, Strawberries & Pear set in a Light Jelly
  Menu DFK 02 
Chocolate Trio
A Luxurious Combination of Rich Dark Chocolate with
Smooth White & Creamy Milk Chocolate in this fine
Trio with a White Rum Truffle & a Coco Dusting
 Menu DFK 03 
Chocolate Profiteroles
Choux Pastry Buns filled with Fresh Dairy Cream
and covered in a Rich Chocolate Sauce
Menu DFK 04 
Champagne & Raspberry Torte
Raspberry Puree, Whole Raspberries and Creamy
Mousse with a Kick of Champagne,
Finished with Charlotte Style Sponge 
 Menu DFK 05 
Chocolate & Mint Truffle
Chocolate Sponge Base Piped with a Chocolate &
Mint Truffle, Decorated with contrasting
Milk and White Chocolate Flakes
Menu DFK 06
Irish Cream Sponge
A Chocolate Décor Sponge with a Truffle Filling,
Finished with Baileys Cream Mousse and
Topped with Fudge & Pecan Nuts
 Menu DFK 07
Strawberry & Champange Charlotte
A Sweet Décor Sponge with a Strawberry Filling,
Topped with a Champange & Vanilla Mousse,
Garnished with a Mini Profiterole
 Menu DFK 08 
Lemon & Lime Bavarois
Moist Vanilla Sponge topped with a Tangy Lemon
Mousse Infused with Lime Zest, finished with a
Lime Zest Sugar Glaze Topping
 Menu DFK 09 
Caramel Crunch Tart
A Short Crust Pastry Case Filled with Sweet Custard,
Studded with Apple Chunks, topped with a
Caramel Sauce & Crunchy Crumble
Menu DFK 10
Chocolate Orange Melt In The Middle Pudding
Moist Belgian Chocolate Sponge 
With a Rich Couveture Ganache Infused with Orange
Menu DFK 11
Passion Fruit Bavarios
A Fruity Passion Fruit Mousse set on Moist
Vanilla Sponge, Topped with Glazed Passion Fruit
Menu DFK 12
Chocolate Bavarios
A Rich Chocolate Mousse set on a Moist
Chocolate Sponge Ring with a Chocolatlety
Topping of Ganache
 Menu DFK 13
Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake
Silky White Chocolate CheeseCake on a Biscuit Crumb
Base with Whole Raspberries, Topped with White
Chocolate Shavings and Glazed Raspberries
Menu DFK 14
Ginger & Lemon Cheesecake
A Crisp Ginger Crumb Base, Topped with Tangy Lemon
Cheesecake Mousse, Infused with Crushed Ginger &
Finished with a Lemon Zest Glaze
Menu DFK 15
Raspberry & Amaretto Charlotte
Vanilla Sponge Fingers Surrounding Amaretto Bavarios,
Swriled with Raspberry, Glazed & Finished
With a Raspberry
Menu DFK 16
Woodland Fruits Cheesecake
A Crisp Digestive Crumb Base, Topped
With a Creamy Cheesecake Mousse and
Finished off with Glazed Woodland Fruits
Menu DFK 17
Citrus Lemon Tart
A Zesty Lemon Custard Baked into a Sweet
Butter Pastry Tartlet, topped with Lemon Peel
Menu DFK 18
Pear & Quince Tart
A Sweet Butter Pastry Case filled with Crème Patisserie,
Quince Jelly & Topped with a Halved Poached Pear
Menu DFK 19
Traditional Fresh Fruit Salad
to Include Pineapple, Melon, Apple,
Kiwi, Orange and Berries of the Season
Menu DFK 20
Fresh Fruit Tartlet
A Crisp Pastry Tartlet Shell Filled with Crème Patisserie
& Topped with Fresh Fruits of the Season
Menu DFK 21       £1.25 extra
Trio of Mini Desserts
A Selection of 3 Cocktail Dessert Treats,
Alabama Chocolate Fudge Cake,
Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake and
Zesty Lemon Meringue Pie
Yes, 3 per person !!
Menu DFK 22 
Passion Cake
Moist, Lightly Spiced Carrot & Pineapple Cake,
Filled & Decorated with a Cream Cheese
Frosting and Ground Walnuts
Menu DFK 23
Blackforest Gateau
A Chocolate Flavour Sponge Cake
Layered with Cream, Cherry Filling and
Decorated with Cherries & Cream
 Menu DFK 24 
Chocolate & Hazlenut Gateau
Layers of Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate Sauce
& Hazlenut Flavour Cream, Covered & Top Decorated
with Hazlenut Cream, Dark Chocolate Chips
and a Light Sugar Dusting
 Menu DFK 25
Strawberry Gateau
 Three Layers of Sponge with Whipped Dairy Cream
and Strawberry Filling, Finished with
Dairy Cream Whirls & Whole Strawberries
Menu DFK 26
Triple Chocolate Gateau
Three Layers of Chocolate Sponge Sandwiched
Together with Chocolate Ganache, Top & Side Coated
with Chocolate Cream & Chocolate Flakes
Menu DFK 27
Coffee & Mandarin Gateau
Three Layers of Coffee Flavour Sponge Sandwiched
Together with a layer of Apricot Filling & Coffee Cream,
Edged & Coated in Coffee Cream & Chocolate Flakes,
Topped with Cream Rosettes, Mandarin Segments
and Chocolate Flakes
 Cheese Board
Menu CBP 01                Cheese Board Per Person
A traditional platter of Farmhouse Cheddar, Red Leicester,
Creamy Brie, Dutch Edam Wedge, Mozzarella and Stilton
Served with Celery Sticks, Grapes & Crackers
 Table Cheese Board Platters
All Cheese Boards are served with Crunchy Celery Sticks, Crisp Seedless Grapes, Pickle
 and a large selection of Crisp Biscuits to include; Cream Crackers, Tuc Biscuits, Ryvitas,
Krackawheat, Cornish Wafers, Crisp Breads, Cheddars, Oat Cakes etc, etc…
Table Cheese Board Platters Serve
8 to 11 Persons     £25.00                  12 to 15 Persons   £35.00
16 to 20 Persons   £45.00                  20 to 25 Persons   £55.00
( Table Cheese Board Platters are just an extra Treat, we
do not serve them as a substitute for a Main Dessert )
Menu CB ONE                      Everyday Cheese Board Platter
A traditional platter of Farmhouse Cheddar, Red Leicester,
Creamy Brie, Dutch Edam Wedge, Mozzarella and Stilton
Menu CB TWO                       Scottish Cheese Board Platter
A Scottish platter of Dunsyre Blue, Mull of Kyntyre,
Caboc and Orkney Trig
Menu CB THREE              Welsh Borders Cheese Board Platter
A Welsh platter of Old Worcester White Mini, Celtic Promise,
Pyramind Cerney Ash and Hereford Hop
Menu CB FOUR                Northern England Cheese Board Platter
A Northern platter of Ribblesdale Goat, Swaledale Cow,
Blacksticks Blue and Wensleydale Dalesman Truckle
Menu CB FIVE                 Southern England Cheese Board Platter
Cornish Yarg, Oxford Blue Baby, Capricorn Goat,Bath Soft
and Quickes Cheddar Truckle
Menu CB SIX                    British Regional Cheese Board Platter
Mature Cheddar, Wensleydale, Red Leicester,
Double Gloucester and Somerset Camembert
Menu FFP 01                        Table Fresh Fruit Platters Serve
8 to 11 Persons     £20.00                  12 to 15 Persons   £30.00
16 to 20 Persons    £ 40.00                   20 to 25 Persons   £50.00
Table Fresh Fruit Platter
A Platter of Sliced Fresh Fruits to include
Melon, Pineapple, Kiwi, Strawberries, Apple,
Grapes and other Seasonal Fruits
( Table Fresh Fruit Platters are just an extra Treat, we
do not serve them as a substitute for a Main Dessert )
Menu DPF 01       £ 4.75
Cocktail Chocolate Petit Fours
A Selection of 6 Cocktail Chocolate Treats,
Chocolate Coffee Gateau Squares, Chocolate Truffles,
Mini Eclairs, Chocolate Caramel Cones,
Iced Chocolate Tarts and Chocolate Mint Cups
( Cocktail Chocolate Petit Four are just an extra Treat,
we do not serve them as a substitute for a Main Dessert )
Menu TCM 01       £1.85
Unlimited Tea & Coffee ,Served with Mints
Cold Evening Finger Buffet
Catering for upto 50 persons   £460.00
Catering for upto 100 persons   £900.00
   Catering for upto 150 persons   £1,312.50
   Catering for upto 200 persons   £1,680.00
BBQ Pork Satay
Pork Fillet Chopped, Shaped & Coated in BBQ Sauce
Presented on a Wooden Skewer served with a Dip
Ham & Cheddar Lattice
Lattice Style Pastry Filled with Smoked Ham
And Cheddar Cheese Topped with Fresh Herbs
Broccoli & Mozzarella Pastries
Fresh Broccoli & Mozzarella Encased in Lattice Style
Pastry Topped with Fresh Herbs
Sausage Rolls 
Sausages Encased in Golden Puff Pastry
Cocktail Sausages
These Cocktail Sausages are Made from a Fine Textured
Blend of Lightly Seasoned Quality Cuts of Pork
Served on Cocktail Sticks with a Dip
Prawn Vol au Vents
Baked Pastry Cases filled with Juicy Prawns
Enrobed in Seafood Cocktail Sauce
Veggie Sausage Rolls 
Vegetarian Sausages Encased in Golden Puff Pastry
Vegetable Samosas
Mini Samosas filled with Mixed Vegetables, Herbs & Spices
Served with a Dip
Mozzarella & Pepperoni Pizza
Cheese, Tomato & Red Onion Pizza
Tasty cocktail pizzas with a crisp base & plenty of topping
Cocktail Sandwiches
Home Cooked Turkey with Home made Crunchy Coleslaw,
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, Hand Carved Farmhouse Ham & Tomato,
Creamy Brie & Tomato, Home Cooked Roast Beef & Horseradish,
Home made Coronation Chicken with Lettuce,
Egg Mayonnaise & Cress, Honey Roast Ham & Mustard,
Chicken Breast & Salad, Cheddar Cheese with Sandwich Pickle,
Dolphin friendly Tuna with Sweetcorn and Prawn Mayonnaise with Lettuce
Hot & Cold Evening Finger Buffet
    Catering for upto 50 persons including V.A.T  £510.00   
Catering for upto 100 persons including V.A.T £1,000.00
   Catering for upto 150 persons including V.A.T   £1,462.50
   Catering for upto 200 persons including V.A.T   £1,800.00
Satay Flavoured Chicken Skewer
Whole Chicken Breast Meat flavoured with Satay Sauce
And presented on Wooden Skewers
Served Hot
Sausage Rolls
Sausages Encased in Golden Puff Pastry
Served Hot
Mini Bruschettas
Slices of Crusty Toasted Bread Topped with a Rich
Tomato Sauce with Spinach, Feta Cheese and Herbs
Served Hot
Mini Bruschettas
Slices of Crusty Toasted Bread Topped with a Rich
Tomato Sauce with Smoked Ham, Mozzarella and Herbs
Served Hot
Cocktail Individuals Quiches
Cocktail Pastry Cases filled with
Salmon & Dill, Quiche Lorraine, Tomato & Basil
and Cheese & Onion
Served Hot
Nachos Dipper
Crisp Nachos served with Guacamole, Sour Cream &
Chives and Sweet Chilli Dips
Hot Potato Wedges
Slightly Seasoned Potato Wedges
Served with a Salsa Dip
Served Hot
 Pin Wheels
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Wrapped in Soft Tortillas
 Traditional Cheese & Pate Platter
A traditional platter of Farmhouse Cheddar, Red Leicester, Creamy Brie,
Dutch Edam Wedge, Stilton and Brussels Smooth Pate with
Crunchy Celery Sticks, Crisp Seedless Grapes & Branston Pickle,
Served with Freshly Baked French Bread and a selection of Crackers


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