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Individual Fork Buffet Selection Seafood
Menu SFK 01          £3.95
Salmon Pate Timbale
A Dome Shaped Timbale of Creamy, Rich & Smooth
 Smoked Salmon Mousse Pate with Fresh Dill & Lime Zest
Menu SFK 02          £3.95
Prawn Cocktail
Juicy Mediterranean Prawns Enrobed in Cocktail Sauce
Garnished with Giant Tiger Tail Prawns
Menu SFK 03          £3.95
Prawn & Smoked Salmon Parcels
Mediterranean Prawns Bound Lightly in Mayonnaise
& Wrapped in Scottish Smoked Salmon
Menu SFK 04          £3.95
Scottish Smoked Salmon
Traditional Smoked Salmon Slices Topped
With Fresh Lemon & Black Pepper
Menu SFK 05          £3.95
Sweet Chilli Prawn Tart
A Crisp Pastry Tart filled with Prawns, Sweetcorn,
Spring Onions & Mixed Diced Peppers Enrobed in our
Sweet Chilli Sauce & Topped with a Giant Tiger Tail Prawn
Individual Fork Buffet Selection Chicken
Menu CFK 01          £3.25
Hawaiian Chicken
Chicken Breast with Mixed Peppers & Fresh Pineapple
Bound in a Honey Mayonnaise Dressing, Edged
with some plain Chicken Breast Slices
Menu CFK 02          £3.25
Coronation Chicken
Cubed Breast of Chicken Enrobed in our Home made
Lightly Curried Dressing mixed with Sultanas
Menu CFK 03          £3.25
Chicken Tikka
Tender Cubes of Chicken Breast Marinated in
Our Home made Tikka Dressing
Menu CFK 04          £3.25
Chicken Tarragon
Breast of Chicken Cubed and Enrobed in our Home made
Fresh Tarragon Dressing topped with Spring Onions
Menu CFK 05          £3.25
Chicken Pesto
Diced Chicken Breast, Bacon Slithers and Mozzarella Pieces
Enrobed in our Home made Creamy Green Pesto
Menu CFK 06          £3.25
Sweet Chilli Chicken
Tender Cubes of Chicken Breast with Sweetcorn & Mixed Peppers
Enrobed in our Sweet Chilli Sauce and Topped with Sesame Seeds
Menu CFK 07          £3.25
Honey Mustard Chicken
Tender Cubes of Chicken Breast Marinated in
Our Home made Honey Mustard Dressing
Menu CFK 08          £3.25
Thai Chicken
Sliced Chicken Breast Marinated in
Authentic Thai Spices & Tomato Dressing
Menu CFK 09          £3.25
Satay Chicken
Sliced Chicken Breast Marinated in
Our Home made Peanut Dressing
Menu CFK 10          £3.25
Ham & Cheese Waldorf
Chopped Roast Ham with Gratted Cheddar, Red Leicester Cubes,
Apple and Celery Slices, bound in our Creamy Mango Mayo
Individual Fork Buffet Selection Meats
Menu MFK 01         £2.75
Gammon Ham
Slices of Juicy Gammon Ham
Served with Various Mustards
Menu MFK 02         £2.75
Honey Roast Ham
Slices of Roast Ham Coated with Honey
before its cooked, Served with Various Mustards
Menu MFK 03         £2.95
Ham & Melon
Slices of Honey Roast Ham
Served with Fresh Melon
Menu MFK 04         £2.75
Roast Pork
Slices of Fresh Roast Pork
Served with Chunky Apple Sauce
Menu MFK 05         £2.75
Roast Beef
Slices of Roast Beef
Served with Various Horseradish Sauces
Menu MFK 06         £2.75
Rare Roast Beef
Slices of Rare Top Side of Beef
Served with Various Horseradish Sauces
Menu MFK 07         £2.75
Roast Turkey
Slices of Turkey Breast
Served with Cranberry Sauce
Menu MFK 08         £3.75
Turkey, Ham and Beef
Selection of Sliced Meats of Turkey,
Honey Roast Ham & Beef served with Sauces
Menu MFK 09         £4.95
Continental Meats
Selection of Salami Milano, Salsiccia Napoli,
Proscuitto Crudo and Danish Salami
Served with Olives, Oils & Toasted Ciabatta Slices
Menu MFK 10         £4.95
Continental Meats
Selection of Serrano Ham, Chorizo, Lomo and Parma Ham
Served with Olives, Oils & Toasted Ciabatta Slices
Individual Fork Buffet Selection
Cold Eating Pies & Savories
Menu PFK 01          £2.25
Chicken and Ham Pie
Seasoned Cured Pork Meat Layered with tender
White Chicken Breast and Thick Sliced Ham
Encased in a Rich Pastry
Menu PFK 02          £2.25
Ploughmans Pie
Pork, Cheese & Pickle Pie
Menu PFK 03          £1.95
Gala Pie
A seasoned Pork Pie with a Egg Filled Middle
Encased with a Rich Golden Pastry
Menu PFK 04          £1.95
Gala Pie
as above but without any egg !!
Menu PFK 05          £1.95
Pork Pies
Traditional individual Round Pork Pies
Menu PFK 06          £2.50
Mini Pork Pies
Mixed Selection of small Pork Pies
to include Cheese & Pickle, Uncured Pork
and Sausage & Onion
Menu PFK 07          £1.95
Baked Scotch Pie
Savoury Minced Meat in a
Crisp Pastry Shell
Menu PFK 08          £1.50
Scotch Eggs
Boiled Eggs Wrapped in Sausage Meat
and Golden Breadcrumbs
Menu PFK 09          £2.25
Quiche Lorraine
A 4inch Round Baked Quiche
Filled with Bacon & Egg
Individual Fork Buffet Selection Quiche
Menu FQC 01 Fork Buffet Slice          £1.95
Bacon, Leek & Mushroom
 Menu FQC 02 Fork Buffet Slice          £1.95
Goats Cheese and Roasted Pepper
Menu FQC 03 Fork Buffet Slice          £2.50 
Smoked Salmon
 Menu FQC 04 Fork Buffet Slice          £1.95
Roasted Vegetable
Menu FQC 05 Fork Buffet Slice          £1.95
Cheese, Tomato and Basil
Menu FQC 06 Fork Buffet Slice          £1.95
Cheese, Peppers, Onion, Mushroom & Sweetcorn
 Menu FQC 07 Fork Buffet Slice           £1.95
Cheese & Onion
 Menu FQC 08 Fork Buffet Slice           £1.95
Menu FQC 09 Fork Buffet Slice          £1.95
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