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Individual Fork Buffet Selection Salads
Menu Salad 01      £4.50 per person
Larkins Basic Salad Spread
Crispy Iceberg Lettuce Topped with Cress
Freshly Sliced Tomatoes with Vinegrette
Cucumber Chunks with Poppy Seeds
Home Made Crunchy Coleslaw
New Potatoes Enrobed with Mayonnaise & Fresh Chives
Pasta Salad with Red & Green Peppers, Black Olives in Dressing
Freshly Baked French Bread & Butter
 Listed Below Are Salads For You To Create Your Own Selection
Basket of French Bread and Choice of Any 4 Salads        £3.75
Basket of French Bread and Choice of Any 5 Salads        £4.50
Basket of French Bread and Choice of Any 6 Salads        £5.25
Basket of French Bread and Choice of Any 7 Salads        £6.00
Basket of French Bread and Choice of Any 8 Salads        £6.75
Menu Salad 02
Gourmet Mixed Leaves
Endive, Baby Spinach, Radicchio, Lambs Leaf,
Baby Gem, Iceberg and Cress with Dressing
 Menu Salad 03
Country Style Mixed Leaves
Cos, Escarole, Radicchio, Frisee, Shredded Red Cabbage,
Crispy Iceberg, Mustard & Cress with Dressing
Menu Salad 04
Home Style Salad Leaves
Crispy Iceberg, Watercress, Lollo Rosso, Cress,
Gratted Carrot & Dressing
Menu Salad 05
Provencale Bean Salad
Butter Beans, Red Kidney Beans & Cannelloni Beans with
Diced Onions in Tomato and Garlic Dressing
Menu Salad 06
Thai Noodle Salad
Fresh Noodles with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Mixed with
Sliced peppers, Sweetcorn, Sesame Seeds & Fresh Herbs
Menu Salad 07
Pasta & Vegetable Salad
Pasta, Julienne of Courgettes and Carrots, Diced Red Peppers,
and Celery in Honey & Mustard Dressing
Menu Salad 08
Mozzarella Pasta Salad
Pasta, Sliced Olives, Sundried Tomatoes and Mozzarells Slithers
With a Balsamic Vinagrette
Menu Salad 09
Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Pasta with Red & Green Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes,
Sliced Black Olives with a Mediterranean Dressing
Menu Salad 10
Caesar Pasta Salad
Pasta with Parmesan Cheese, Crispy Bacon and
Fresh Chives in Creamy Caesar Dressing
Menu Salad 11
Feta Pasta Salad
Pasta with Cubes of Feta Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes,
Sliced Black Plives in a Fresh Herb Dressing
Menu Salad 12
Home Made Crunchy Coleslaw
Strips of Fresh Cabbage, Onion and Gratted Carrot
Enrobed with Thick & Creamy Mayonnaise
Menu Salad 13
Cheese & Red Onion Coleslaw
Cubes of Cheddar & Red Leicester Cheese, Strips of Fresh Cabbage,
Red Onion & Gratted Carrots in Thick & Creamy Mayonnaise
Menu Salad 14
Carrot & Sultana Salad
Shredded Carrots, Sultanas, Cubes of Celery and Poppy
Seeds Enrobed with a Sweet Chilli Dressing
Menu Salad 15
Waldorf Salad
Sliced Apples, Chunky Celery and Walnuts
in Thick & Creamy Mayonnaise
Menu Salad 16
Roasted Vegetable & Cous Cous Salad
Cous Cous, Roasted Aubergine, Courgette, Red & Green Peppers,
and Onions in Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil
Menu Salad 17
Spicy Rice Salad
Tumeric Rice with Onion, Apricots and Sultanas
in Mango Chutney and a Spicy Curry Dressing
Menu Salad 18
Wild Rice & Pepper Salad
Wild Rice with Red, Green & Yellow Peppers
with a Tomato & Basil Dressing
Menu Salad 19
New Potato Salad
Skin on Baby Potatoes with Thick & Creamy Mayonnaise,
Topped with Fresh Chives and Cracked Black Pepper
Menu Salad 20
Sag Aloo Potato Salad
Diced Potatoes, Chick Peas and Spinach Enrobed
with a light Spiced Curried Dressing
Menu Salad 21
Beetroot & Onion Salad
Fresh Beetroot with Baby Pickled Onions
Drizzled with a Raspberry Vinagrette
Menu Salad 22
Tomato & Cucumber Salad
Chunky Cuts of Cucumber & Tomato Wedges
With Fresh Chives in a Light Vinegrette Dressing
Menu Salad 23
Tomato Salad
Sliced Tomatoes Enrobed in a Thai Dressing of Coconut, Coriander,
Lime & Lemongrass, Topped with Fresh Spring Onions
Menu Salad 24
Cucumber Salad
Sliced Cucumbers Enrobed with Blue Cheese Dressing,
Topped with Rich Blue Poppy Seeds
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