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Indidvdual Finger Buffet Cakes

Menu CK 001   £1.85 per person (2)
Sponge Cake Platter
Cocktail size cakes to include;
    Carrot,  Banana & Chocolate Cake
Menu CK 002   £1.85 per person (2)
Shortbread Platter
   Cocktail size shortbreads to include;
   Traditional, Chocolate Chip & Cherry

Menu CK 003    £2.75 per person (3)

Chocolate Petit Fours Platter

 A delicious range of hand-finished Chocolate Petit Fours to include;
 Chocolate Coffee Gateaux Squares, Chocolate Whisky Truffles,
  Chocolate Cream Eclairs,
Chocolate Caramel, Truffle Cones,
       Iced Chocolate Tarts and
Chocolate Mint Cups

Menu CK 004   £1.85 per person (2)

Hand Made Cake Platter

Cocktail size Squares of
Chocolate Brownies,
Traditional Flapjacks and Fruit Cake


Menu CK 005   £1.85 per person (2)

Mini Danish Pastry Platter

Cocktail size home baked Danish Pastries to include
Raspberry Crown, Maple Pecan Plait,
        Vanilla Custard Crown and Cinnamon Swirl

Menu CK 006    £1.85 per person (2) 

Mini Danish Pastry Platter

   Chocolate & Orange,
Blackcurrant & Apricot and
   Creamy Crème Patisserie make up this exciting range of bite sized pastries,
each flavoursome filling is wrapped in
 a light buttery croissant pastry &
finished with a lattice top
Menu CK 007   £1.85 per person (2)
Mini Croissants Platter
Cocktail home baked Mini Croissants ;
Pain au Chocolate, Pain au Raisin
and Butter Croissants

Menu CK 008   £1.85 per person (3)

Mini Doughnut Dip Platter

Mini, mini Sugared Ring Doughnuts 
& Mini, mini Chocolate Iced Ring Doughnuts Served with a
yummy Chocolate Dip

Menu CK 009   £1.85 per person (2)

Mini Muffins Platter

 Blueberry and Double Chocolate
Chip Mini Muffins

Menu CK 010   £2.50 per person (2)

Mini Fruit Baskets

A selection of Traditional Fruit Pies
in Sweet Pastry ,
Bramley Apple & Custard,
Cherry Pie with Chantily Cream
and Sunny Fruit Crumbles

Menu CK 011   £2.25 per person (2)

Mini Fruit Cakes

Mini Black Forests
Mini Victoria Sponges
Mini Summer Fruit Puddings
Menu CK 012   £1.95 per person (2)
Sweet Mignardises
A selection of Mini Eclairs, Tartlettes, Squares of Chocolate Oranges,
Opera and Biscuit based Petit Fours
Menu CK 013   £1.95 per person (2)
Mini Fruit Tarts
Sweet Butter Pastry Cases with
Fruit fillings including
Lemon, Raspberry, Mandarin
and Wild Strawberry
Menu CK 014   £1.95 per person (1)
Cream Cake Platter
 An assortment standard sized cakes,
 Finger Doughnuts filled with
Strawberry Jam & Cream,
   Jam & Cream Fruit Scones,
Black Forest Muffins,
   Apple Turnovers filled with Cream,
   and Luxury Chocolate Eclairs
Menu CK 015   £1.35 per person (1)
Danish Pastry Platter
Standard size Danish Pastries of
Vanilla Custard Crown, Fresh Apricot
and Cinnamon Swrirl
finished by hand with White Icing
Menu CK 016   £1.25 per person (1)
Iced Doughnuts Platter
   Standard sized Doughnuts with
flavoured toppings of
 Chocolate,   Strawberry,
Vanilla and Banana
    all topped with hundrerds & thousands


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