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Canapes = A

48 per platter £70.00

a hand made selection of 6 varieties of Cheese & Seafood Canapes;

Valentines Delight

Smoked Salmon Horn,  Emmental Cheese Garni, Lump Fish Calviar En Croute, Bean Lovers Tartlet, Crab & Guacamole Bilnis.



Canapes = B

100 per platter £120.00

Cream Cheese and Cucumber Mousse

Carefully Wrapped in

Scottish Smoked Salmon.



Canapes = C

64 per platter £60.00

Tortilla Bites - Melt in the Mouth Scones with delicious toppings;

Cheesey Red Pepper Tepanade,

Florantine Spinach and Riccota.




Canapes = D

40 per platter £60.00

A selection of hand made canapes

on a variety of bread bases;

Smoked Duck & Melon.

Trout Mousse & Crab,

Smoked Salmon, Sundried

Tomato & Pecan,

Lemon Cheese, Cucumber &

Trout Caviar,

Salmon Tartare,

Cured Ham & Fig Butter,

Foie Gras, Chutney & Apricot.


 Canapes = E

65 per platter £55.00

Baked Pastry Canape Cups filled with;

Chicken Tikka, Coronation Chicken,

Thai Chicken, Mexican Chicken,

Pesto & Parmesan Chicken,

Honey & Mustard Chicken,

Chicken & Sweetcorn,

Tandoori Chicken with Yoghurt & Mint




 Canapes = F

48 per platter £70.00

Hand made Canapes nesting on

Blini Bases,

Cream Cheese Mousse Topped

with Scottish Smoked Salmon &

Black Sea Relish


 Canapes = G

60 per platter £50.00

Mini Vol au Vents filled with;

Red Pepper Mousse Topped with a Prawn,

Asparagus in a Cream & Butter Sauce,

Chicken, Ham & Onion in a Cream Sauce. 




 Canapes = H

60 per platter £50.00

Mini Vol au Vents filled with;

Prawn Cocktail & Fresh Chives,

Coronation Chicken & Coriander,

and Salsa with Black Olives.



 Canapes = I

90 per platter £65.00

Mini Pastry Canapes with Tasty fillings of,

Tomato, Bean & Chorizo,

Courgette, Tomato & Pesto,

Savoury Goats Cheese with Red Onion.




 Canapes = J

30 per platter £35.00

Mini Crostini Style Canapes,

Mini Slices of Baked Bread topped with

Green Olive Tepenade,

Creamy Tomato & Goats Cheese,

Creamy Mushroom with a

Hint of Garlic. 


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